Boricua College
New York, NY, USA


Boricua College
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Glendalisse from Bronx, NY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Since i have entered Boricua College I have learned a lot based on the new way they teach which no other college has.
Am enjoying being here
All the teachers and staff are welcoming and i haven't had no trouble since I've been in the school.
Bang for the buck
Try your best and keep your mind into the work. Also study.
Tips for prospective students
For students who would want to apply i would advice them to be ready and to not be afraid of the way they teach because it looks hard but once you get to know it and be more involved then you will love it and find it easy.
Great for these types of students
The type of students who love to write and thing beyond what they never thought. It helps you get more into your mind and to know your self.
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