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Boston Architectural College
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Jamie from Columbia, IL

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In three sentences
I am a Master's of Design Studies Student focusing in Historic Preservation through BAC's distance learning program, and what I love most about the school is the responsiveness of the professors. They have all been wonderful resources for the Historic Preservation Practice and have structured their classes in order to get us students investigating our own local areas. Everyone I have interacted with from BAC has been truly dedicated to helping students achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom!
Tips for prospective students
I recommend you look at what the professors have completed in their own careers. They are the standard to which you should calibrate yourself, and if you are not willing to work as hard as they have, you should find another school.
Academic Rigor
With their distance program, you are expected to stay on top of your own work. The courses are fast paced, but it is really about how timely and dedicated you are on your end.
Dorm Life
The hotel provided during my first intensive week was the Colonnade Hotel just off Copley square.. Here I had expected the Motel 8!
Food and Dining
The food provided during the Intensive week was fantastic food from local restaurants..

What better than good food on top of community support?
What to do for fun
When you are in Boston for the Intensive Week.. It is just that, intensive. I recommend you use your free time to your benefit and visit the following:
Boston Public Library - most expansive library I have ever been in
Nathanial Hall - go here for lunch as often as possible
Chinatown - soooo much culture in such a small area
The Fenway & The Emerald Necklace - everyone needs a little time with nature
Wherever the train takes you - get on the T and get off in random areas.. Just explore!
Bang for the buck
I feel like I am getting everything and more with my professors. Not only are they instructing me, but one is helping me to establish the area I live in on the Historic Preservation map while another keeps us all posted on the job market. They truly care!
Great for these types of students
Self Motivators, creatives, communicative, shy, and non-traditional
Campus Safety
There is always a check point with a live person waiting to check you into the campus... Just one thing you have to love about a small scale school!
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