Calvary University
Kansas City, MO, USA


Calvary University
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Kenneth from Forest View, IL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
This is one of the best places to get you basic Bible classes. The Professors here really know their stuff and it's a joy yo sit under the,
Am enjoying being here
It's a great atmosphere! Everyone here is like family.
Bang for the buck
For only $15,000 a year, it's one of the cheapest (non junior or community) schools around.
Tips for prospective students
Come to the Campus preview if you can. It gives you a great taste of what the school is all about and it's a great chance to meet some potential future classmates. This year (2010) the Campus preview is March 11-13. Be sure to Contact the school so they know you're coming. (
Great for these types of students
Any Christian. Whether you are looking to go into full time ministry, just get a semester or two of bible before you go off to a bigger university, or get a Masters degree from the seminary, this the college for you.
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