Cape Cod Community College
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Cape Cod Community College
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Ainsley from Osterville, MA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
At CCCCs you will find many dedicated professors. Many are retired professors from major universities. Because of the small size classes there are more chances to have one on one time with the professor to ask questions and receive help. The professors make the class worth attending and fun making the learning environment enjoyable.
Am enjoying being here
Being at a community college gives the student the flexibility they need. With work, kids, or any other hectic lifestyle Cape Cod Community college makes it easier to earn the desired degree while accomplishing other goals life throws your way. There is tons to do here as well. There's a great fitness center to relive any stress, and also a massage center to release any tension. There are more than enough clubs to join. I, myself am part of Art club. You still get the experience of meeting new people. People come from all over just to attend CCCCs.
Bang for the buck
Not only can your schedule be flexible, but so can the payments for the schedules. CCCCs is cheap compared to many other schools, and you still get a great education. The financial aid is easy to apply for, there are tons of scholarships that can apply to you, and the college works with you on payment plans.
Tips for prospective students
For students who are planning to attend Cape Cod Community, take advantage of what the school has to offer. There is a great ADVANTAGE Trio program here. This program assigns an advisor who helps you every step of the way. They have learning workshops on Wednesdays with new topics each week such as: tips for studying, how to relax before and during tests, and etc. They offer FREE tutoring for whenever and whatever you need it for. The college itself also offers math labs, computer labs, and writing labs with peer tutors to help.
Great for these types of students
This school is great for those who are looking to save money, want their degree fast, and for those who need/want to work while accomplishing their goals.
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