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Central Ohio Technical College
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In three sentences
When I hear the word, College, I think of second home. Central Ohio Technical College has done more and beyond to make it a place where students can call it a home. All staffs and professors are always helpful, and know just what to do to make you satisfy with your choices.
Tips for prospective students
Central Ohio Technical College offers exellent academics and majors for all students. When looking into COTC, create a plan that you see yourself doing and talk with an advisor before you decide which courses to take. They then help you come up with an easy way to work around what you prefer, to make your college experience less stressful.
Academic Rigor
The professors at Central Ohio Technical College are always there to help students. If your in need of extra help with a specific course, they have design a tutor class to help your needs. For example, if math is one of your struggles, they have a lab where professors stay after class hours to help with any questions or test needs you have.
Dorm Life
Central Ohio Technical College offers apartments just next to campus. The apartments are extremely helpful for students who live more than an hour away from school. Apartments are also affordable, and well kept. The only downsize to the apartments are there isn't enough avaiablity for all students.
Food and Dining
Central Ohio Technical College food is well known and always fresh. When leaving home for school, you're also leaving homemade cook meals, and delicious food. At COTC, you'll never want to eat at home again. The food that's offered at COTC is just as delicious, and has reasonable prices.
What to do for fun
At COTC, there's never a bored moment. There's always something to do on campus, whether it's an event or an activity they plan for students. Each weekend, something different happens. One weekend, we may have bingo on campus where you can win prizes and get to meet other people, when another weekend there maybe be a concert held on campus as well. Another thing that is offered at COTC is sports. For fun, most people join clubs doing something they love, while others may do sports to have a competitive side to themselves as well.
Clubs and Activities
COTC offers over 50 different clubs. Most students either are involved with just one club, or maybe 2 or 3. The ideal of having so many different clubs is to give students are variety of options to choose from.
Campus Safety
On campus, COTC has a security department so students can feel safe on campus. COTC is also a tobacco and drug free campus so students can enjoy a healthy place to be at.
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