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Central Wyoming College
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Challis from Kinnear, WY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
This past year I was very impressed with the professors and how they were teaching their classes. They each had their own way of explaining and doing different things, but each got their point across very effectively. This small class atmosphere and one on one help really gave me the chance to prosper in the classroom.
Am enjoying being here
I really like the community and surrounding area. Looking out my window and seeing the mountains is beautiful. The community is very friendly and well kept. The students that I have met are for the most part, very friendly and respectable. The staff at CWC are very nice and willing to help out anyone that is having problems. I feel very acknowledged around the students, staff, and community members. this is why I am very pleased to attend CWC.
Bang for the buck
I feel that by attending CWC one will get all their basics covered at a very minimal cost, compared to a University. Their classes are very up to date and will teach you most anything a larger school would. CWC's cost for education is very affordable and this is partly why they have so many satisfied students, and parents as well.
Tips for prospective students
Future students will want to take the next step up from high school and advance into college. CWC staff will help students out tremendously, but one should want to be on top of things for themselves. This means take notes and pay attention. Other than that, students should just enjoy the college experience and have fun. You only get to do it once so students should enjoy it the fullest!
Great for these types of students
CWC is a good starter school. Here one can get the basics out of the way at a minimal cost. It is great for students that want to save a little money while attending school. Students who want a smaller, more rural school will be very satisfied. Anyone that wants a good educational experience, and great social life will be very satisfied at CWC.
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