Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science
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Mary from Los Angeles, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Beautiful surroundings, azaming staff/ faculty, great environment. The students and professor's are wonderful, nice easy going, friendly. The unviersity is really focusing on your education, small number of students in the class so it is easy to get one-one tutoring with the professor unlike USC or UCLA and other university the professor has time to help you in the areas you need help on.
Tips for prospective students
Don't be shy to go close to the professor because they are very friendly and they are happy to help you. Make sure you study because some professor's gives you quizzes once you get there. Also do all your assignments and look over your work because sometime the professor will give the a problem that was on your homework.
Academic Rigor
Charles Drew University academic rigor is mostly on science, and medicine so if you are interested in their academic rigor this university is best for you.
Dorm Life
There is no dorm.
Food and Dining
Deligious food and dining.
What to do for fun
We have clubs.
Bang for the buck
Although CDU is a private insitiution it is affodable and cheaper then any other public university in LA.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
There are many things to do in the CDU from scenic to adventurous excursions.If you are looking to just relax or study CDU has a quit library as well as a student lounging area.
Great for these types of students
Who really love science and medicine CDU is the best for you.
Clubs and Activities
There are many health related activities and clubs at CDU. Great hands on experience working at health fairs and working with medical professionals.
Campus Safety
The campus is extremely safe. All areas are well lit and surveillance cameras around campus. Security is on campus before anyone arrives and is on campus until the last person leaves. They are very friendly and provides safe walk services to anyone who requests it.
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