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City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X College
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Latina from Riverside, IL

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In three sentences
Malcolm X College is a school that is zealous towards the attendants academic success. The Professors are enthusiastic and keen as well as the advisors. Malcolm X College has beyond any doubt set the pace for my college education.
Tips for prospective students
Understand that College is in no comparison the same as High School. Time management in a big must on the to do list. Try to put in at least 10 hours of study time while off campus to maintain reasonable grades. Last but not least Remember to relax and make this journey a fun one and not a strenuous one.
Academic Rigor
Academically where the teachers are concerned I am blown away by the devotion of their time and patience. The dissemination of information via blackboard, email, text, and posting throughout the school informing students of upcoming events to enhance their educational/career pathways is phenomenal. The advisors pave a clear and easy to follow route for you to make it to through to graduation. Finally the tutors and their availability 6 days out of the week worked wonders.
Dorm Life
Malcolm X doesn't have a dormitory.
Food and Dining
The cooks I'll give a five star rating to. There was a menu that pertained to every one's diet from vegetarian diets, no sodium diets, all the way to give me every palate pleasing food you got diets. They used separate ends of the grill and tools for certain food handling. The taste was always without a doubt in mind delicious and well worth it.
What to do for fun
On campus there are sororities and fraternities. Ping pong tables as well as a wellness center for athletes or for the basic health conscious person.
Bang for the buck
You get a Great Education, Meet tons of nice friendly faces, and eat great for little to nothing. I think you get a lot of bang for your buck!
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
None Noted
Campus Safety
Security is always around so there isn't any violence that I have seen personally. I feel pretty secure while in the building as well as outside.
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