Cochise County Community College District
Sierra Vista, AZ, USA


Cochise County Community College District
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Aaron from Sierra Vista, AZ

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Right now, I am taking two remedial courses because of a placement test that I was required to take. The college does not understand that I took pre-calculus which leads me into calculus. But no, I had to take trig again to get into calculus. For my reading class, I am learning how to read critically. But I learned that in high school. In my English class, I learned how to write interview, observation, and recall essays. I learned how to write descriptively and show a scene. For my Chemistry class, some subjects are review if you took chemistry in high school. If not, it will be new to you.
Am enjoying being here
Cochise is alright. The campus is too small and does not live up to expectations I thought. I hoped the campus would be bigger. But right now, there are buildings being built. That is a plus. The school is getting a mini gym where the counseling office is at because the office is moving into a newer building. Overall, the campus is satisfactory.
Bang for the buck
The tuition is only 52 dollars per credit. That is inexpensive compared to universities. So far, I am saving a whole lot of money going to a community college first, than an university.
Tips for prospective students
I would tell them to study hard in high school because the classes I took helped prepare me for college. High school is a stepping stone to college. So students who study hard in high school will not have hard of a time in college. Also, manage your time wisely. This is the key to success in college. Do not miss class because this will get you behind and it will be difficult to catch up with everybody else. The last one is DO NOT PARTY HARDY! This will ruin your chances to get a higher education and a successful career.
Great for these types of students
This college is great for all types of students. They must have at least discipline to study to succeed.
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