Colby Community College
Colby, KS, USA


Colby Community College
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Kendra from WaKeeney, KS

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
Colby has done nothing but helped me with every question I've had about admission to financial aid, all the way to taking online classes. Every person I have talked to has been so friendly and seems to really enjoy helping me with all of my questions or concerns. I am excited to get started for and represent Colby Community College on June 4th, 2012.
Tips for prospective students
Don't procrastinate and get all of your application materials in promptly and on time.
Academic Rigor
The teachers are great, I know the courses will be tough, but all the instructors have told me numerous times to talk to them if I have any questions.
Dorm Life
I did not live in Colby.
Food and Dining
I have not eaten on campus.
What to do for fun
I am taking Colby's outreach nursing program in WaKeeney, KS. Things to do for fun here is go to the dirt track races, hang out with friends, and go see movies in Hays.
Bang for the buck
College is expensive, yes. Colby has seemed to make it all worth it for me so far! I am very excited to get started. I have felt like I wasted a lot of money at other colleges, but so far I am happy with every cent I have given to ColbyCC.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
I am taking the outreach nursing program in WaKeeney, and most other schools don't do the outreach programs. It is so awesome that Colby is doing this for surrounding communities, because some people don't want to move from their home towns.
Great for these types of students
This school is great for traditional and non-traditional students.
Clubs and Activities
The outreach programs don't have clubs and activities that I know of, but I know the campus has a lot of different things for students to do.
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Ernest from Colby, KS

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
Yes, I learned alot from CCC when I attend it during the 90's
Did enjoy being here
Yes I did, CCC was like a family to me when I was studying at CCC.
Bang for the buck
CCC offers student on campus jobs while taking courses.
Tips for prospective students
I, surely recommend CCC for others.
Great for these types of students
CCC is an equal opportunity to all races and it sure proudly open to all.
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