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Colorado Mountain College
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Erin from Rye, CO

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
There is so much to learn! With the world at our finger tips every physical example you could ever want is just waiting to be used. Between the hands on outdoors classes and the small class size there are endless opportunities for a complete, well rounded, in depth education.
Am enjoying being here
CMC is a wonderful school! You can learn all morning and ski all afternoon! The curriculum is unlike any other school. Whether you are interested in Ski Area Operations, Natural Resource Management, or Outdoor Recreation Leadership you are guaranteed to get an experience unlike any other college can provide. No matter what your choice is you are guaranteed an incredible, outdoors, hands on experience. Ski all day in the ski patrol lab or spend fours hours hiking and taking water quality measurements. For the more extreme there are out-classes where you can spend up to two weeks hiking the canyon lands, climbing fourteeners, or rock climbing in Nevada. This school has it all. The classes open up a entirely new playground!
Bang for the buck
If you are in-district the price is phenomenal. In state is great to. Out of state I'm not sure about but I'm sure for all the trips, hands-on experience, and recreation it would be worth the money!
Tips for prospective students
My biggest tip is to be open minded. The male to female ratio is 10 to 1 so females.....get ready! Males please be respectful of the girls that are here! My other tip is to live life to the fullest, try new things, and push your experience to the edge. There are so many opportunities and experiences here. I have picked up five or six new addictive hobbies since I have been here including skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking.
Great for these types of students
This college is perfect for the people that need the one on one help and physical connection to the learning environment. It is also a mostly outdoor focused college. The athletic, outdoorsy, easy going type is perfect for this school. What's nice is that everyone melds together. If you are not the outdoorsy type of person its still very likely that you will find just the right niche because it is such a small community.
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