Columbus Technical College
Columbus, GA, USA


Columbus Technical College
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Jessica from Columbus, GA

a current student here
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In three sentences
On a scale of one to ten I rate Columbus Technical College with an eight. I rate this technical college with an eight because this school has made changes for the better and I have noticed more organization in place. This college has added on since I have moved in 2007, adding a larger health and science building to accommodate the large classes.
Tips for prospective students
Never judge the school based off of its name, technical is only added to fool the weak. Columbus technical college has changed the classes to semesters giving you more time to study not to procrastinate. Be prepared to take notes in your class, being a science major I have noticed all of my teachers verbally inform you of test preparation without verbally telling you i'm reviewing my test.
Academic Rigor
To achieve great heights you have to give something your all. The school offer computer labs that assist with tutoring, speech and advancement.
Dorm Life
Dorm life does not apply to columbus technical college.
Food and Dining
This school offers tasty treats for the on the go student.
What to do for fun
Muscogee county has a lot to offer for the thirsty adventurous students. The river walks to The Opera of the phantom theater on 10Th st down town Columbus! Broadway has a lot to offer from the day time bicyclist to the night owl with several different hot spots, jazz clubs and food joints. Broadway is adventurist and fun.
Bang for the buck
The books and tuition can be covered with hope or pell. If you are denied of these services the tuition is very reasonable versus going to a university that asks for triple the amount in most cases.
Great for these types of students
Technical college is perfect for anyone that wants to continue education. Single mothers to the fresh out of high school graduates. You will enjoy what this school has to offer.
Clubs and Activities
This technical college works along side with Columbus State. This tech school preps the student for an university.
Greek Life
Columbus state assist anyone of interest when it comes to these activities. The Greek life is not displayed on Technical college grounds.
Campus Safety
I am employed with the sheriffs office and I must say we offer daily checks on the school to ensure safety. I work twelve hour shifts dispatching and the school checks are hourly. We also have part time deputies and officers that ensure the safety of the students.
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Sharneka from Auburn, AL

researching this school
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Will learn a lot
I am looking forward to visiting
Will enjoy being here
I think this would be a great experience
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