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Compton College
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Salvador from Compton, CA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Compton Center is a place you can really learn because the professors go every single objective and if you can understand they can really help you or if not there is a building just for students who need extra help in any subject. Yes, I am learning at this specific college because every question I have my professors are there to help.
Am enjoying being here
At first I thought I was not going enjoy being here for the reason I thought that this college was not for me because it was in my own community. But fortunately that change. After few weeks that the Fall 2009 semester started I got to meet new friends in my classes, and they are very kind. So I change my point of view of this college, don't judge something by it's cover. Now I do enjoy being here at Compton College.
Bang for the buck
Now at this college the Financial Aid office does really help you a lot because they will tell you if you qualified for any of the aids available, if you don't then they will tell you to apply for lots of scholarships available that will match your criteria.
Tips for prospective students
Tips are apply and register early becasue classes do fill up quickly. Also apply for resources such as EOP&S, CARE, etc. This programs help students with books transportation, etc.
Great for these types of students
In my point of view this college is for any type of student who really wants to be successful in their future.
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Tracy from Long Beach, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
positive areas of learning they have they own way of helping you to finding your
way through learning. there is wonderful labs and staff there is there to assist you
Tips for prospective students
If you are looking for a career that you are not sure about yet , going to ECC compton center will give you a wonderful prospective on your goal.
the staff there will help you set your educational goals
Academic Rigor
At this point i was shocked that i am able to get aid for being into nursing i was able to receive a scholarship and financial aid
Food and Dining
each month is a different theme me xi night is bomb
What to do for fun
here at Compton we have a kick it night where a group of us go bowling at K.D.PS downtown we Love $2.00 Tuesday's
Campus Safety
wonderful Compton pd doing a great job.
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