Crafton Hills College
Yucaipa, CA, USA


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  • Coed

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2 Year
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Fall Regular Decision August 27, 2022
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What Students Are Saying

2.89 Average Rating
When you come here, expect rigorous college classes. Do not blow off homework or projects; this type of behavior is a recipe for disaster and will surely result in an F.
If you find yourself in a remedial class, do not blow it off and forget about homework. Without this class, you cannot continue to college-level courses necessary for graduation.
Gabriella from Yucaipa, CA
When you attend Crafton Hills College, expect extremely thorough college classes. Therefore, do not ignore or neglect any homework or projects, because each class effects your GPA and your GPA is extremely important!
Candice from Banning, CA
Go hard. If you slack and get a 2.0 GPA it will be really hard for you to get into the more prestigious colleges.

Especially now, since times are hard with the economy, schools are cutting back on accepting new transfers, so you really need to set the bar high on what separates you from other perspective transfer students.
David from Yucaipa, CA
be a part of the campus! join some clubs, sit in on a student senate meeting, talk with the faculty!
Marcus from Highland, CA
to future students attending or planning to attend crafton hills college, make sure you score high on your math and placement tests to get the courses you actually need.
Alexandre from Redlands, CA
If you are going to attend Crafton, I could suggest a few things. I would suggest going and seeing your instructor regularly and get to know them. They will generally help you with any homework, projects, or even help you study for the test. The professors generally reward those who go and see them in their offices. Make sure you study for each test, don't try and go in there thinking that all you need is a C or better and you will be fine. Get the best grade that you are capable of getting, this will help you so much more in the future. Make sure you go in and see a counselor. They will help you choose the best classes that you will need for your career. Be sure and get the most sciences that you need for your degree because they will be a lot less expensive and the professors will have more time to personally help you with any questions that you may have.
Jay from Beaumont, CA
Expect to learn a lot here. The classes are just as challenging as those at a university so they will require time and effort. Nevertheless, if those two aspects are put in it is easy to earn a good grade. The one thing that I tell a lot of new students is that the teachers what us to succeed so they will work just as hard as the student to help them get a good grade.
Alina from Loma Linda, CA

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