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Cumberland County College
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Colleen from Elmer, NJ

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Am learning a lot
I am learning so much at Cumberland County College. Not only did I save myself money by starting my college process here, but the professors and staff have helped me along the way.
The two years that I have spent at CCC has taught me how to be a good student and I have also learned more about what it takes to get into the nursing program.
I came to this school in the fall of 2009 expecting to get into the nursing program a year later (according to my advisors). What I learned later was that this program wanted students to finish all their pre-requisite classes before being considered applying for the nursing program, which is about two years. Then, the program itself is two years. So, I found out that I was going to be spending four years at a community college earning an associates degree? That is how long it takes to earn a bachelors degree!
I decided to transfer by the end of two years and finish all the bulk core classes. This decision is turning out to be a good one, because not only did I learn about nursing programs, stimulate my mind with multiple classes, but I also saved money. (See Bang for the buck).
The professors are great, especially in my microbiology class. This professor took the time to actually teach us and made sure that we understood what he was talking about. He even gave us multiple opportunities to succeed. What I mean by this is that he had us use Blackboard to find a one page review worksheet. This page had a few short-answer questions which were going to be on the test. If you figured out what you were going to write about ahead of time, how could you fail!
Am enjoying being here
I am enjoying being here at Cumberland County College. This school is great for getting my foot in the door of college life and learn how to study. I wouldn't say I have gained much socialization, but I have made a few great friends. I say that I don't socialize much because I drive back and forth to school. When I am not at class, I come home or I visit with my old friends from high school. I never really want to stay at the school if I don't need to.
Bang for the buck
Starting out in a community college is amazing for saving cash. I have paid around $2000 a semester including books (which can get expensive!). The universities that offer bachelors degrees can be up to five digits or more in one semester. I would be paying that five digit number for four years? That is going to add up! I decided to start out at a community college and spend about $4000 a year for four years, and then transfer to a four-year institution. This way I get the same education for the first two years, and then transfer and finish up my degree.
Tips for prospective students
A few tips that I would give to prospective students would be one: sell your books back online. The college bookstore buys back your books for a third of the price you bought them for. Example: Microbiology book cost about $200. College buy-back: $30. Sounds crazy right?
My other tip would be to register for classes as soon as possible, especially for those seeking science classes. These classes fill up quickly and if you want a seat, you have to register FAST!
Great for these types of students
Cumberland County College is great for students looking to save some money, improve their GPA and learn more about their major.
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