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Cumberland University
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Kristen from Franklin, OH

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
If you plan on attending all four years, you will make friendships and relationships with your professors who all know you by name and really do want you to be the best you can be. Every professor is looking out for your best interest. One of our professors used to work for NASA, several have traveled all over the world, and all are amazing professors.
Am enjoying being here
The 'home away from home' feel is exactly what this school brings to a student, especially one who is far from home like I am. There is always something to get involved in and it is nice to know every person at your school. It makes you feel safe.
Bang for the buck
It is an expensive school, but Beatrice and the other financial aid helpers will definitely do all they can to make it affordable to attend here. Most students here are on scholarships or financial aid. There are always things to get involved in that provide scholarships as well. Definitely worth it!
Tips for prospective students
Get involved! The more you go out and meet people, the more enjoyable your college experience will be.
Great for these types of students
Come to a Dawg Days and for an overnight visit if you are an athlete. 'Living' the life of the college students will definitely let you know if it was right for you! We hope to see you at CU!
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