Dallas Theological Seminary
Dallas, TX, USA


Dallas Theological Seminary
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Kristal from Lewisville, TX

a current student here
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In three sentences
Dallas Theological Seminary is the best decision that I could have made in regards to graduate school. The campus is beautiful and the staff and professors are the best hands down. Everyone takes our motto to heart which is Teach truth, love well, and I appreciate being on a campus where everyone is genuinely concerned about your well being.
Tips for prospective students
Prepare yourself for the work load, regardless of what program your in. Plan out your entire month so you won't be blind sided or feel rushed for time when completing assignment. Make friends and get involved! You will need a support system, especially if your away from home and don't know anyone around campus.
Academic Rigor
Prepare to be frustrated but know that it's okay. The processors are more than happy to help in anyway possible!
Dorm Life
I live off campus.
Food and Dining
I live off campus.
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