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4 Year
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Average ACT Composite: 22
Average SAT Composite: 1125
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2.00 - 2.49
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-333-6263
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.64 Average Rating
Any student thinking about a smaller college should consider Doane. It is an old school with lots of heritage and tradition. The class size is small and attention on the student is the main focus of the college. A small campus always keeps everyone involved. If you want to be a part of a plethora of activities and meet many new friends than Doane College is right for you.
Alex from Crete, NE
If you want to go to a school in Nebraska, but not feel like you are in Nebraska, Doane is the college for you. It is gorgeous, and feels so much like its own little world, without letting you forget about the real world, and making sure you get a job when you graduate (in four years!). So much of the Doane experience is socializing; don't drive home every weekend, or lock yourself in your dorm! One of the best parts about Doane is the relationships you build with your peers outside of the classroom.
Vanessa from Omaha, NE
Go to class, don't slack off, and ask for help. At times college can be a little frustrating, life gets in the way, and you won't want to go to class, but trust me when I say it'll be worth it if you do. College isn't easy, but neither is life, and that's what it's supposed to prepare you for, isn't it? And make sure to talk to your Professors if you need help, they'll be more than happy to hear it, and willing to help.
Abbey from Crete, NE
Be prepared for expenses. College is not cheap. Try to enjoy yourself. College is also supposed to be fun. Try to take advantage of all of the things they provide for you. Different activites or discount that will help you have the best experience.
Tiffany from Omaha, NE
-When you decide Doane is for you, don't hesitate to fill out residence hall applications to get your pick, rooms go fast!
-Find out where all your classes are BEFORE the day of classes!
-Attend Orientation Week! It's a great way to meet the incoming freshmen and get a feel for the campus before the upperclassmen come!
-Get a good meal plan. You will be in Crete, NE so there aren't the biggest picks of restaurants around town if you end up hungry after dinner.
-Coordinate things with your roommate so you both are on the same page! (I've seen too many clash-ups with roommates before!)
-Check your mail frequently. Doane has so many things going on ALL the time and they make sure you know it! Also, there have been too many times where I show up to class and it ends up being cancelled.
-Take notes. (Self-explanatory)
-Don't skip class. Doane has a policy in which it's vital to come to class. When you start missing, grades start dropping.
-Have fun! It's college. Don't hold anything back.
Amanda from Lincoln, NE
I have a couple tips to all of you getting ready to start the next stage of your life. Listen. Listen to everything everyone is telling you. Coming to college many people told me what to expect and, but I shrugged off some of the things being said to me and I really wish I hadn't. Tip number two,when your lost you can always find help. From the financial wisdom of the staff in the Financial Aid Office to the Career Development Office located in our Student Leadership Office, you will have no problem finding help in whatever area you need. Whether it's academic, physical, or emotional help your looking for Doane College's staff is here for you. Lastly, create new habits that will help you become successful for the road ahead. A habit that drastically needed changing was my work ethic. I procrastinated too much in high school which made life in college very hard. Lucky for me the professors here really want you to succeed so the work with you in the class room and through designated meetings. We also have a great tutoring system here on campus. The tutors are students who have been recommended by their professors as knowledgeable, so you know your getting the best help possible.
Christian from Crete, NE
Get involved instantly. Don't be the person who sits in his/her dorm all day and night. Be involved, but make sure you have a balance on your academics and life.
If you can a good college, try Doane. Small classes, Doane faculity tries their hardest for you to graduate.
Kristine from Crete, NE
Come see the Campus and Meet the Professor
in the subject you are interested in. Talk to the students that go here to get a fill of the whole collage and different prospective.
Levi from Bennet, NE
Manage your time. Don't party too much. Be a part of as many school activities as you can.
Zachary from Crete, NE

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