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What Students Are Saying

3.70 Average Rating
one) if you don't know your roommate, call/Facebook with them beforehand, and get to know them; two) if you have any issues during the semester, seek help- RAs, teachers, friends, anyone. It's worth it.; three) go to class, and do your work. It'll make finals so much easier. four) get to know the teacher. It'll make it easier to ask for help if you need it. five) get involved. There's tons of stuff to do. six) you'll get out what you put into your college experience; seven) NEVER go into the city without a buddy, cab money and a cell phone; and finally) it's okay if you feel scared and/or homesick. You're not the first, and you won't be the last to feel that way. And it will pass in time.
Kathryn from Bridgeport, WV
If I can give you any advice, I would definitely recommend eating at Options as much as you can. Out of all the food places and cafeterias on campus that you can use your meal plan for - Options is the best. It's the closest to home cooking and the staff workers are always super friendly. Also, Starbucks accepts flex only during evening hours... but remember that usually the last 2 weeks of school they accept it any time of the day! And trust me it will be needed during finals week.
Courtney from New Kensington, PA
Research the Pittsburgh area before starting school, the public transportation takes time to get used to and bring a map of the city with you. Stay organized, there are so many students that your teachers aren't going to give too many second chances, many of the schools are very competitive so you don't want your grades to drop below expectations.
Curtis from Hemlock, NY
Visit the campus and look at what the schools are offering. The program/major that I am studying is DPT, and part of this that I have six years of school and when I graduate I was have a BS is Biology and Health Science Management and a DR in PT. This program was a get set up and that is why I picked it. When I went to visit the campus, I really could see myself doing well.
Erica from Powell, OH
apply! it doesn't hurt to! it's a really beautiful campus and great school, strongly recommended.
Christine from Pittsburgh, PA
Adjusting to college life is difficult. Dorm life is a necessary evil, and hopefully you are blessed with a great roommate, if not try to make the best of the situation. You must be diligent with your studies especially during the first month because as soon as the first round of tests hit, the rest of the semester only gets harder. Please take advantage of the free tutors that are available if the material is difficult and hard to understand. Try to get involved in at least one organization on campus to maximize your potential while at Duquesne. Finally, find a routine for studying that works and stick with it. Remember that you are there to earn an education, you can party the rest of your life once you earn that high paying job!
Addison from Pittsburgh, PA
Come into Duquesne with an open mind. There is no better piece of advice that I was offered as a new student than to make as many connections as you possibly can. It may sound daunting, however you'll find that it is very doable and beyond worth it. Get yourself involved in anything that interests you; Greek Life, Orientation, Volunteering, Drama Club... The possibilities are seemingly endless. Make sure that you have a firm foundation in extracurricular activities like those I just listed and you will be reaping the benefits in no time! Also, never hesitate to contact your professors outside of class. Once you establish to your professor that you care about the class and express your concerns and goals, you will, once again, only benefit.
Joshua from Hammondsport, NY
Depending on your major you can have a lot to a little amount of homework. Most homework includes reading textbooks or novels. Be focused on school, but have fun. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.
Kaia' from Salisbury, MD
My single and most import tip for prospective students would be to get involved. Duquesne offers so many wonderful extracurricular activites. From greek life, intramurals, study abroad, clubs, and campus ministry Duquesne has something for everyone.
By getting involved with extracurricular activities you deversify yourself so much more as a person. You make new friends, learn new things, and better yourself for future success. Why not open yourself up and get involved with extracurricular activities? You would be foolish not to.
Pittsburgh, PA
Make sure to keep your major broad because once you commit to a major it is difficult to change it.
Erin from Londonderry, NH

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