Dyersburg State Community College
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Dyersburg State Community College
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Am learning a lot
Dyersburg State is a pretty good school. The teachers are great at what they do and how they do things. You can learn so much from this school. They have an amazing Nursing program, and most recently got an EMT course. Of course, since Dyersburg State is just a community college, they do not have everything that most schools have. They do allow you to take basic courses for the major of your choice, so that you may go on to a bigger University afterwards.
Am enjoying being here
Dyersburg State is a small school, which can be a great thing. Small schools allow you to have more time to spend with your instructor if you need help with anything. Also, since this school is actually at the Dyersburg Campus, it is much easier to live in town, and go to school. I may not live super close to the school, but it does not take me an hour to get there. It is also easier to hold a job, and go to school all at once.
Tips for prospective students
Know what you want to take before you get here. Have in mind the options you can weigh. If one class is full, have a backup class in mind. Get all of your Financial Aid together as soon as possible. Think positive whenever you start school. If you think that you're going to fail your classes, of course you'll fail them. Keep the positive energy flowing. Make new friends from your classes, and maybe start a study group. You will do a lot of research papers in your college years, so, learn to make an amazing paper!
Great for these types of students
This school is great for students who want to stay in their hometown for a few more years, maybe they have a job, and can't quit or something. Or maybe they just want to make a little extra cash before going off to a bigger city. Students who want a great school, in a smaller city should most definitely take a look at Dyersburg State. The school even has a list of schools where your credits can transfer to.
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