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Fall Regular Decision August 1, 2022
Spring Regular Decision December 1, 2018
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Average ACT Composite: 24
Average SAT Composite: 1144
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-465-9191
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.59 Average Rating
Be diligent and conscientious in your classwork and your homework/study time and come to your professors immediately when you have questions. If you bring your questions to your professors- they will get answered. If you do these things, you should be fine as long as your study methods are rigorous.
Kaitlin from Richmond, KY
Do your homework, study, and go to class! Talk to your teachers if you don't understand something or are having a tough time adjusting. They're very understanding and very willing to help. Live on campus, at least for your first year. And if at all possible, go to Colonel Camp. It really gets you acquainted and comfortable with the campus, and you'll meet a ton of new people who are willing to help and that are in the same boat you are. :)
Natalie from Lexington, KY
Once again education is the most powerful tool that one can have, dont let cost stop you from becoming an EKU Colonel. We are in the top 15%, come to the best. With a wide variety of degrees EKU is the perfect place for everyone.
Stephanie from Cincinnati, OH
I attended Colonel camp it was the best thing for me. Cause instead of having to move in on move in day i just had to help the other new students. Plus i meet many friends so when classes started i was not alone. I still hang out with many of my friends from camp. I suggest you try and attend this camp.
Chelsea from Richmond, KY
If you're looking for a great education with an affordable cost, Eastern is the place to be. Get involved in dorm life if you live there; if you do not, get to know students in your classes. It's very helpful to have other students you know to study with or work on various projects with. Also, it makes it a lot more fun having someone you can hang out with.
Renee from Lexington, KY
The most important tip for any prospective student is to SHOW UP to class. Remember, college is different than high school. The semesters are only half of a regular high school year, so as much information will be expected to be learned in half the time. You really do miss a whole lot when you miss even one class. Also complete any required readings and apply yourself as much as you possibly can, sometimes all the work can feel overwhelming but getting behind is far worse.
Karman from Lancaster, KY
Buy a planner. Cannot emphasize this enough. If you have a lot of classes it's easy to forget stuff and/or fall behind. At least if you're able to write it down you'll have a reminder, especially when you're taking classes with professors who don't offer an assignment calendar in their syllabus. Also, good note taking skills are very important in a lot of classes, and don't freak out over tests! Just study, keep your head level, and you should turn out okay.
Jessica from Richmond, KY
Always check your email often for what is happening on campus. If you have a question ask. Visit campus before beginning class to get a feel for the layout. If you are struggling in class, do the following. Figure out why you are struggling. Talk to your professor, adviser, and/or counselor. Learn where all the help, tutoring, and computer centers are because they will be very useful to all who must have perfection in the school work.
Deanna from Corinth, KY
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! No matter what they are, there is always someone who has felt the same way or experienced the same thing you are. Check out rate my professor.com, get an idea of whose class you want to be. Rush, you'll meet a ton of people, and most of all relax and be positive. as long as you do this you'll be fine and love Eastern just as everyone already here does!
Aubrey from Clay City, KY
My tip for prospective students is to come to EKU with an open mind. It won't take but a few minutes walking around on campus to fall in love with the school and the town of Richmond. The sense of Colonel Pride that students and the community have is overwhelming and definitely makes the college experience. Come visit EKU, multiple times if needed, until you are sure this is where you belong. The colonels are ready to welcome you home!
Kristen from Louisville, KY

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