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What Students Are Saying

3.65 Average Rating
Do all the research you can but I'm telling you first hand, if you want a career in performing arts... Full Sail is the school for you!
DeJon from Raleigh, NC
Full Sail is a challenge not to taken lightly. If you are committed to do whatever it takes to get a job in this industry, you will max out your capabilities to get the work done, lose sleep, and do your best in every class. You get out what you put in, and the student willing to succeed at all costs can make it into the industry, not just the best student.
Justin from Winter Park, MO
be ready to work. like said its 4 years of schools in 2 years. people who do the best work their butts off while here. It is important to know what you want to do. it is hard to transfer credits from this school so if you are unsure or on the fence of what you want to major in this school is not for you.
Zach from North Canton, OH
My tips for prospective students will be on how this school will basically catch your eye and attract your attention for your own skills. If you feel like you have the dream, this would be the perfect school for you to attend on the regular. Full Sail should be the first choice for artists in all perspective.
Anthony from Washington, PA
Be ready to live on your own, eat out or cook for yourself every day.
Paul from Jacksonville, FL
First don't wait till the last minute to do an assignment. Get started early so you can ask your questions and understand the material. If you understand the material then working with others will be easier since everyone is on the same page. Also don't be afraid to be yourself. This is an industry where you have to be comfortable working with others. With that said get ready to have your shell broken if your shy.
Jeremy from El Paso, TX
Plan accordingly. Full Sail's course load is heavy as it is an accelerated college. You get four years worth of classes in approximately two. Be prepared to work.
Christopher from Blanchard, PA
Im in the Game Art Degree and its no picnic. The workload is one of a professional, your are getting it because you asked to become an professional when you applied. The instructors have no problem helping you out or even your peers. You really learn your trade inside and out. And after you graduate if you feel that you need a bit of a refresher on whats new in the industry you can come back for free (within your degree of course) Mainly, get ready to get to work and find out whats fun to you (in and out of school) and stick to it. And pay attention to everything you have access to, your grades mainly.
Lauren from Wasingtion, DC
Make sure you aren't a procrastinator - once a week you are assigned about 15 assignments and you have one week to complete on your own time.
Christine from Klamath Falls, OR
Full Sail banks on you knowing EXACTLY what you want to do with your life. It's not a place to go if you're only toying with the idea of working in the entertainment industry. Their program is proven to work, very well at that, but you MUST know that it's right for you, and be able to make the huge commitment of time that they demand from you. Don't plan on partying on the weekends, bumming around town, or socializing every other minute of the day. Otherwise, YOU WILL FAIL. You've been warned.
Jimmy from Northfield, OH

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