Fulton-Montgomery Community College
Johnstown, NY, USA


Fulton-Montgomery Community College
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Reginald from Gloversville, NY

a current student here
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In three sentences
A great start to education for a career. The faculty are always ready to help and will know you on a personal level. They will get you ready for your future.
Tips for prospective students
Feel free to ask your teachers for help, they post their office hours because they want people to come for help.
Academic Rigor
The work is challenging yet rewarding.
Dorm Life
Comfortable rooms with plenty of space.
Food and Dining
Well prepared, and the enviroment is clean.
What to do for fun
The raiders cove a non-alcoholic area for students to relax and socialize should be ready in the fall.
Great for these types of students
Students who are looking for a starting block to set themselves on a career path.
Clubs and Activities
Plenty of clubs and activities to do. From community outreach to fencing they all involve great people.
Campus Safety
Campus security is constantly on watch, ensuring the safety of the students whether it's from people speeding in the parking lot or people smoking in non-smoking areas.
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