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Gateway Community College
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Lysette from New Haven, CT

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I'm learning PLENTY!!! Believe me. (It's all good!)
Even though it's just a community college, don't expect things to be so easy. The professors here really *work* their students, and for good reason too -- they want to see their students SUCCEED. But don't be alarmed!!!
Many professors are willing to walk that extra mile to make sure their students get the hang of all of their material learned in class. They stay after school, come in on weekends, and communicate through email to help students with any problems concerning homework, essays, and presentations.
Am enjoying being here
There's plenty to do here at the school -- with over 20 different clubs and groups that meet every week after class (I, myself, am involved in the GWCC Gaming Club!!! It's the best, by the way.) and so there's no end to the events that go on here at Gateway. There are tons of events funded by the Office of College Life -- with everything from video game tournaments to student get-togethers, field trips and music events, you're sure to find people who have the same interests as you, and hey, what could be better than having more friends?
Bang for the buck
Every 4 year college starts out with the basics during the first 2 years of your education -- Math, English, (and depending on your major) History and Science. By choosing to start out at a community college, and then transferring to a 4 year university, you're making a real money-saving decision in the long run! And here's the real kicker: many students come to Gateway with their tuition completely paid for!
Tips for prospective students
Even if it's only a community college, don't mess around in your Junior year. Remember -- whatever college you'll be transferring to after your 2 years at Gateway will still be viewing your high-school transcript, and colleges consider both the Junior and Senior years of high school to be your most important years.
Second, remember to speak with a guidance counselor when you're accepted to Gateway. When transferring to another college after you've spent time here at Gateway, you need to know which credits will transfer, and which ones won't. You don't want to have spent all your time here to learn that only a few of your hard-earned credits will transfer to your new college.
Last, make sure you get involved in a few clubs here at the school. Making friends in college can be difficult, and having people who will always have your back will make you feel a lot better than trying to go about your college education SOLO.
Great for these types of students
Many people with children and demanding jobs might find it much easier to start their college education at Gateway Community College than if they decided to go straight to a four-year university. Gateway Community College is also great for people who want to go for a simple Associate's Degree in the field of their choice.
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Dawn from East Haven, CT

researching this school
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Will learn a lot
I attended a beginners computer class. I learned all the basics of a computer, and finally was no longer SCARED of this piece of technology.
Will enjoy being here
After not being in school for over 20 some-what years I was a little worried I was too late and too old. But my teacher and fellow students made the experience fun, knowledgeable, and learn eager. So, I am looking forward to attending once again because I know Gateway will fill me with all the knowledge, tools and experience I will need to success.
Great for these types of students
Gateway is wonderful for the student who strives to do better, and wants to succeed in the career of their choice.
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