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Georgia Highlands College
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Daniela from Smyrna, GA

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Am learning a lot
Georgia Highlands College was my first choice as a community college. I applied due to its low priced tuition for in-state students, the smaller classrooms (which improve the learning environment in the transition of high school to college), the fact that it is very close to home (I can get there in within fifteen minutes without traffic, twenty to twenty five with traffic). I have learned a lot overall in my these past two semester I have attended.
Am enjoying being here
Although I always wished for the full college experience since I was in my last high school years, GHC has made my 2 yr community college experience a very productive and different one.
I believe beginning at a community college is the best choice for someone who wants to really focus in bringing their GPA up, and taking the hard classes first, becomes despite their difficulty, the fact that you get to be one-on-one with your professors makes it easier mentally and physically. Mentally, due to the professor knowing you by name, and being way more personal with you than at a 4 yr university. Physically, because you can see from up close what they are doing, you can hear with clarity everything they are saying, etc.
Bang for the buck
You definitely get more education than what you are paying for. I am currently taking a Bio class. Human Anatomy and Physiology I, which I had already taken back in high school, it is a very difficult course, but the professors make it so much easier to learn. It involves lots of memorization, long studying hours, and you need to really give it your full potential. Overall, I believe in every class I have learned so much and have had great experiences.
I will never forget my final speech for my Service Learning Human Communications class; it was so overwhelming, although the small class size made it so much better to bear.
Tips for prospective students
One of the tips I would suggest for prospective students would be to definitely not miss ORIENTATION ! Orientation seems so silly for many students, yet it helps you familiarize with the campus and everything that will surround you on your first couple days. Getting lost on your first day, for instance, is not something anyone would want (:
Also, do not pick out hard classes on your first semester; by hard classes I mean, classes you have never heard of. If you are bad at say, Science, do not start your semester with Organic Chemistry ! Although you don't want to start with the easiest ones either, because otherwise all your hard ones will fall on you in one semester, which I've seen it happen to quite a few people. Think ahead, get help from counselors in your field of interest. Say, if you are a Computer Science major, try getting help from a Computer Science or a Math professor; just something associated with your field.
Great for these types of students
GHC is ideal for students who did not do so well in high school and want to get into college anyway to improve their GPA and be able to start brand new to then transfer to a 4yr university of their choice.
GHC is also ideal for students who want to reside close to home.
GHC welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds.
GHC is great for nursing and dental care majors. They specialize in these two fields and has one of the best Nursing programs in GA.
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