Georgia Northwestern Technical College
Rome, GA, USA


Georgia Northwestern Technical College
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Mandy from Taylorsville, GA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Georgia Northwestern has a wide variety of degrees/certificates to choose from. It is close to home and great for moms that work but want to go back to school. The staff are very friendly and always very helpful.
Tips for prospective students
Whether you are just finishing high school or just deciding after several years out of school what you want to do, the staff at Georgia Northwestern can help you make choices that will best benefit you in the future. If you have some idea of what you want to do but still are not completely sure they can give you ideas about their programs that will help you decide and know you have made the best decision for your future.
Dorm Life
There is no dorm. All students live at home. I am sure if they did have dorms they would be well taken care of and great places to live.
Food and Dining
Vending machines are your friend but most campuses are about 5 minutes from restaurants and fast food chains.
What to do for fun
They are currently in the process of starting sports teams.
Bang for the buck
You can request financial assistance through their financial aide department and they will help you find what is right for you. They are very helpful when filling our the FASFA and other financial documents.
Great for these types of students
Great for students just finishing high school that may have not decided on exactly what path they want to take in the future. Also, great for working adults that want to go further in their jobs or take a whole different path in their careers.
Campus Safety
You always feel safe when you are on campus. Well lit at night time and always a campus guard around in case you need someone.
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Geneva from Rome, GA

researching this school
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Will learn a lot
I am pretty sure you will learn a lot from this college. i just want a better life and opportunity and this college will give it to me.
Will enjoy being here
You will enjoy this college very much.
Bang for the buck
Striving for the best
Tips for prospective students
Do your best at the college and ill guarantee you will succeed.
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