Great Bay Community College
Portsmouth, NH, USA


Great Bay Community College
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Jedidiah from Barnstead, NH

a current student here
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In three sentences
A great place to start your future. Perfect for exploring your future. The start of something great.
Tips for prospective students
Really get a feel for the school and take advantage of our clubs and open houses !
Academic Rigor
The courses are hard, and demanding, especially for a community college ! They make absolutely certain that you are 100% prepared !
Dorm Life
We don't have dorms.
Food and Dining
Our school has a restaurant called The Green Bean. It's open to the public, and it's very yummy. They have over 70 different kinds of soups in rotation of about 5 or so daily. They always have fresh baked goods and a super friendly staff ! They also offer 5 dollar combos that include a full meal of several things. Finally they order fresh sandwiches, and grill items also providing a full salad bar. Often we have live entertainment (musical, magic shows, comedy, poetry jams, ect.)
What to do for fun
Our student government is really great about this ! We get things like rock climbing walls, magicians, sand sculptures, and even a carnival ! Our student rec room has an air hockey table, a fooseball table, a PS3 and 360 with tons of titles you can rent from the library along with a tv with great cable. We are less than 5 minutes away from the fox run mall and a lot of great shopping !
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
We have a carnival at the end of each year, and we also have a lot of leadership retreats. The other big thing is our student government always provides us with cool stuff to do around the campus ranging from video games, to rock climbing walls. Our school always makes a point of being friendly with everyone. We're an open community.
Great for these types of students
Those looking to learn , shy students, tall students, everyone really !
Clubs and Activities
We have a club for everyone ranging from a Christian fellowship club, to an outdoors club to a video game club !
Greek Life
Campus Safety
Our school is located in a business district and around several other campuses, we only have 1 building that was a military base at one point. So you're always safe !
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