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May 3
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 713-718-8500
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Be sure to take care of your financial aid, enrollment, and any other school related paper work well before the semester begins, no a week or two before. If you do decide to wail until the last minuet make sure you clear up you entire week! Oh, and bring an iPod or some form of entertainment while you wait on line for two hours. And no, trying to do things over the phone does not usually work, they like to give you the run around, take my word for it. When it comes to enrolling for classes talking to people before choosing a professor that would be right for you. Personally... I don't know many people pursuing my major so when looking at professors I check out rate my professor, it is not always accurate but it it much better than walking around in the dark.
Isabella from Houston, TX
I would suggest that you apply earlier, see your counselor ASAP to register for classes. I would also suggest that you apply to FAFSA and get the finances taken care of, so that you don't have to struggle when paying for classes first and getting it refunded. It's a hassle to be dealing with that. I also suggest that you should take time to STUDY STUDY STUDY because that's all you do in college. STUDY. There's midterms, pop quizzes and the dreadful final exams. And the professors expect you to have followed the syllabus and read the text and study on your own. Attending classes when required is necessary too because you wouldn't want to pay for a class that you get dropped for just because you didn't come to class.
Jeannie from Houston, TX
If you are planning to assist to HCC please visit any HCC Campus. Check on the counselors to give you a tour, explain how schedule works, and what classes are transferable if you are planning to go university, and is really big save up.
Walter from Houston, TX
Take a community college serious as you would do a university. Just a tip, all of my credits transfer from HCC to a university.
Taneshia from Houston, TX
make sure you check campuses and professor ratings, take carefully detail into planning your schedule, this is because when you apply for say southwest it lists classes in all southwest campuses, specify campus because you might apply for classes at two campuses by accident having to spend the day going to different campuses.
Sarah from Houston, TX
Students that yearned to progress further into their learning experience at college-level should seek for counseling and advising from HCC's staff and advisors. When students are enrolled in HCC, the first thing they need to contemplate about is the courses that are required for both their transfering credits and degree's credits. HCC also provides work-study opportunities for students who were eligible for federal work-study financial aid. Students need to manage their time wisely between work and participating in class in order to be successful in their courses. Students, who are in financial-need, can seek for advises from the staff in the Financial Aid Office in order to obtain more information of how to apply for scholarships and financial aid.
Son from Houston, TX
Make sure you share contact with at list one student if at all you decide not to communicate with the professor. This is important because you could easily miss an information since there are not many students in the classroom is not much
Oluwafikunoremi from Houston, TX
Do not take just any professor, look them up! There are some really great English, Math, and Biology professors. As for homework, the load is large, but not undo-able.
Anna from Sugar Land, TX
Prospective should expect classes to be as rigorous as the first 2-years in any university. Just because it is a community college does not mean classes are easier.
Vanessa from Houston, TX
Make sure you plan out your agenda. Becoming college material is more then just the word itself. Organize your schedule and your time as that can really affect you. Make sure you adapt to how college is.
David from Houston, TX