Institute for Clinical Social Work
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Institute for Clinical Social Work
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In three sentences
If you are looking for a program that focuses on enhancing your clinical skills while integrating psychodynamic theories then this is a great program for you. Be challenged to think beyond what is expected and to be able to comprehend the structures of the mind.
Tips for prospective students
This is a learning distance program which allows for flexiability
Academic Rigor
Challenging program that will enhance your writing style, therapeutic skills, knowledge base on psychological theories, research skills, and a hands on program that will provides with clinical consultation.
Food and Dining
If you love the city of Chicago this is a great place for you to attend.
Bang for the buck
The knowledge that you acquire from ICSW is worth the money that you will invest. Not many programs will stay true to the essence of psychodynamic work and theoretical application
Great for these types of students
Students who are dedicated and hard working. This is not an easy program it requires maturity and willingness to learn.
Clubs and Activities
A strong working relationship with your cohort, the classes are small, and the shcool offers workshops and training aside from what you are learning in the program.
Campus Safety
The shcool is located in Downtown Chicago fun and safe area
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