Inter American University of Puerto Rico-San German
San German, PR, USA


Inter American University of Puerto Rico-San German
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Madeline from Puerto Rico

a current student here
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In three sentences
The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German campus is very beautiful and very fun place to be. There you make a lot of friends and you feel accepted. The best this about this university is that when you graduate from there, you will have a great story to tell in the future about the wonders that you live back in those years.
Tips for prospective students
To be very opened mind about the diversity of students from other culture, religion and practices. To enjoy every minute spend on the campus and most of all, enjoy the college life, because that came once in a lifetime.
Academic Rigor
My professors are very helpful with my goals and they contribute with whatever they have for you to feel good about you're self and continue with you're college life.
Dorm Life
I think the dorms could do better. But the time when I live there, there were the best days ever !!!
Food and Dining
OMG the food is amazing. Even doe you are full, you still what to continue eating.
What to do for fun
I spend a lot time with my friends playing games, talking and most of all playing with our instruments together to make new music.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The spring and Christmas concerts. They are the best, there is the time when you go to watch all the great performances that you're friends work on it the entire semester.
Clubs and Activities
When the Inter American University brings the parties on they really bring it !! Very exiting parties !!
Campus Safety
They are always a guard rounding in the campus, so you most of the time feel safe.
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Jannie from Lajas, PR

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
Yes. Although I am a volunteer in the arts department, I have learn a lot in this campus specially in arts in the opera workshop. There is a lot of opportunity for atudents in arts and other fields.
Will enjoy being here
I enjoy a lot been here.
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