Iowa Central Community College
Fort Dodge, IA, USA


Iowa Central Community College
3.55 Average Rating

Gabrielle from Clarion, IA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The professors actually care about the students in their classes and often give out their personal cell numbers so students can call them. Also, smaller class sizes make one-on-one time more available.
Am enjoying being here
There are SO many fun on and off campus events to go to! There are BBQs, Karaoke, discounted or free movie showings, inflatables, root beer floats, and so much more!
Bang for the buck
Iowa Central is very well priced compared to other colleges. Even if you live on campus, you will pay much less for much more.
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Kimbery from Gowrie, IA

a current student here
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In three sentences
iowa central community college is a great way to get started on your future, whether you plan to work for an associate of arts or get general education credits out of the way for transfer. the staff and students are helpful and friendly, and they truly want to help you learn. the atmosphere at iowa central is easy going with an emphasis on success.
Tips for prospective students
how many times has someone told you to stay on task and get your homework done? well, it still holds true. like any other school, you have homework and tests, quizzes and research papers. what makes the difference between a failing grade and an a+ is how much effort you put into it. iowa central has many opportunities that you can make use of, including tutors, test help, and extended lab hours.
Academic Rigor
as a community college, you can tell that iowa central is working on preparing people for transfer. the general education classes are nearing their equivalent at a four year college, but still leave a little lacking in the preparation department.
Dorm Life
iowa central has many dorm options with new dorms being added on a fairly regular basis. the rooms are clean and roomy, although some of the newer dorms place up to five people in the same living quarters.
Food and Dining
with a dining hall with many options, there are few complaints. but iowa central makes it easy for students who don't live on campus as well by offering two additional eateries. and if thats not enough? subway, caseys and mcdonalds are all within walking distance.
What to do for fun
iowa central community college works hard to make the experience enjoyable for its students. they focus on activities that draw in a crowd, and help people experience culture or new experiences. while this emphasis is heavier during the beginning of the fall semester, there is usually at least one thing going on every week, as well as discounts at the local movie theater.
Bang for the buck
i'm getting three years of college (two a.a.s's and one a.a) for the price of one year at a state institution. i can't complain about the cost of tuition. not to mention, iowa central offers many other amenities for its students.
Great for these types of students
iowa central is a great school for those people who have been out of school for some time and are wondering if its right for them, and for people would are looking for a cost effective way to get a degree.
Clubs and Activities
the clubs at iowa central are very easy to get involved with and help draw the community together.
Campus Safety
iowa central has its own campus security.
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