James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA, USA


Key Academic Stats

Highest Degree Offered
Total Number of Students
Total Number of Undergrads
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Non Traditional Learning
  • Online Classes
  • Online Undergrad Degrees
  • Summer Sessions
  • Combined Institution Double Degree Programs
  • Some Programs Requires Co-Op/Internship
Learning Options
  • ROTC Army
  • ROTC Air Force
  • Study Abroad
  • Honors Program
  • Teacher Certification Offered
Student:Faculty Ratio
US National: 21:1
Classroom Sizes

2-19 Students
20-39 Students
40-99 Students
100+ Students
Graduate in 4 Years US National: 28%
Graduate in 6 Years US National: 52%

Faculty Overview

Faculty With Terminal Degree US National: 36%

What Students Are Saying

4.18 Average Rating
The General Education program here is AMAZING. Even if you have no idea what you want to do, the GenEd classes are sure to lead you in the right direction. You take anything from Art History to Computer Science and everything in between. The professors are amazing and genuinely care about your education and are usually willing to help you whenever you need it!
Alexandra from Norfolk, VA
Ranked number one in the nation right now for the Accounting Program, JMU pushes its students just as hard as any private institute. However, unlike a private university or an IVY league, our professors are always there to assist and give us the answers to any questions. There theory is to educate, not fail a student.
Luisiana from Hammonton, NJ
studying is definitely necessary but it is easy to build great study skills. you must earn your grades but the outcomes are extremely rewarding.
Jeanne from Chantilly, VA
Many don't realize the academic value found in James Madison. Professors care, even on the Gen'ed levels. One of my Gen'ed history professors, for example, made it a requirement to meet with him more than once during the semester. He taught, at minimum, 300 students that semester, but still made a point to get to know each one to the best of his ability. This helpfulness and outreach is much more common than uncommon with teachers, making the learning environment much more pleasant.
Also, one thing that I feel always goes under the radar is the advisers. As a freshman, you have 3. As you move on in your college career, you are assigned ones specific to your major. They are not only wonderful people, they are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. In comparison to my friends' experiences from several different schools, JMU has a terrific support system for students through staff.