Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Roanoke, VA, USA


Jefferson College of Health Sciences
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Courtney from Roanoke, VA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
In our lab classes, we get a lot of hands on experiences because we are next to a hospital. Some professors keep the class flowing especially in long lecture classes.
Am enjoying being here
Since Jefferson is so small, everyone seems to know everybody. All my professors seem to greet me outside of the classroom. The residental hall bunch is a very close group of people. Each floor has their closeness. Everyone seems to have their door open!
Bang for the buck
Your getting your moneys worth going to Jefferson except if you do live in the residential hall because of the condition of the building. The Reid building is very old, I think it's time for a new residential hall building.
Great for these types of students
Anyone interested in health care!
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