Johnson College
Scranton, PA, USA


Johnson College
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Brianna from Scranton, PA

a current student here
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In three sentences
johnson college works diligently to help their students get farther in their lives. they have a service for your every need. also, they work with their students to make them successful.
Tips for prospective students
be dedicated and enjoy what you are doing. take all the learning you can!
Academic Rigor
small classes so there is more one on one time with the instructor. the classes have a work place setting. classes are hands on!
Dorm Life
the dorms are spacious, they have an upstairs and a downstairs, a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. also, a game room!
Food and Dining
they have lots of different food and drinks. the cooks are great!
What to do for fun
there are lots of activities to do on campus. the staff has games always set up for us.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
the staff holds games in the cafe on lunch break. also, there is a dunkin donut in the toyota car lot across the street.
Great for these types of students
dedicated student, and student that are willing to work hard and be on top.
Clubs and Activities
intramural sports are the way to go! we have kickball, basketball, dodge ball, football, baseball!
Campus Safety
we have cameras and security.
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