Johnson & Wales University-North Miami

North Miami, FL, USA


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  • Coed

Need Blind

This school does not consider an applicant’s financial situation when deciding admission

Level of Institution
4 Year
Campus Setting
Suburb or town

Acceptance Rate
Students Applied
Transfer Acceptance Rate
Transfer Students Admitted

Admissions Requirements

SAT Subject Tests
AP Course Credit
Dual Enrollment

Admitted Student Stats

In-State Students
Out-Of-State Students
Average GPA
Students Enrolled By GPA

3.50 - 3.74
3.25 - 3.49
3.00 - 3.24
2.50 - 2.99
2.00 - 2.49

Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email:
Admissions Telephone: 866-598-3567
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.73 Average Rating
A major tip for prospective students would be: Make sure you become best friends with your financial aid officers. Fall in love with them, as well as, your academic advisors. Res Life is another too if you plan on living on campus. People go the extra mile when you give them the respect that they deserve in return. If you do not know much about financial aid, ASK your financial aid officers and tell them you have NO idea what the hell you are getting yourself into and you want them to lay it out for you. If it makes their lives hell, tell them to get over it; it's their job to do so. You need to learn how to take control of your own life before someone else does. You don't have to be mean to them, but you definitely need to know how to manage your finances and college is a great place to start because you will be doing a hell of a lot more when you live on your own!
Dakotah from Hialeah, FL
If you are planning to go to Johnson & Wales University I would encourage that you join many clubs and organization to get involved with student life. I am apart of a few clubs on campus and it has been a great tool to network and meet new interesting people.
Jamal from Brandon, FL
If you're thinking about coming to this campus, feel free to take a visit and meet the students and professors. Everyone is super friendly. It may be a small campus, but we're all a family here.
Shana from Pembroke Pines, FL
Be active in high school and get involved.
Jessica from Gainesville, FL
just apply to any school that you feel you want to attend whether you think your gpa is bad or not the school only could say two things accepted or denied.
Shauntavia from Tampa, FL
1. Stay active: Join clubs and organizations. Build relationships with the friends, staff, professors, and any other person that you may come across. Networking is extremely important. Joining clubs/organizations help put you in the right position to establish those relationships.
2. Professional dress: Not too many people are aware of the dress code policy before they come to Johson & Wales. This university has a professional dress policy enforced, but it's extremely helpful because we often have business executives visit the school and it's better to introduce yourself to the CEO of Sports Illustrated wearing a suit and tie, than to be wearing your Spiderman pajamas and monster feet slippers.
Raqiba from Miami, FL
Stay on top of your financial aid. Get as many scholarships as you can. For the student interested in coming to the North Miami campus bring jackets and long pants because it does get cold. It has gotten to 37 degrees here.
Katrina from Round Rock, TX
For prospective students, here is some helpful tips for you to have an easier experience at school.
1. Please be serious about your education
2. Do not get distracted
3. Join a club
4. Always go to class
5. Surround yourself with positivd people
LaToya from North Miami, FL
Prospective students must come ready to give their all. Do not slack off or waste time. Teachers can tell the difference between students who are their to work hard and those that do not care and they will not put any effort into the slackers. Also try to come financially prepared. Make sure that everything is set in that area as well as anything that hinder a great experience.
Genneille from Evans, GA
Stay involved.
Do as much as you can.
ASK for help if you need it.
Use all of your resources.
Karla from Miami, FL

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