Kirtland Community College
Roscommon, MI, USA


Kirtland Community College
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Brittany from Roscommon, MI

a current student here
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In three sentences
kirtland community college is a cost effective way to obtain general education credits. the teachers give a lot of personal attention to students. it is a good transition from high school into college.
Tips for prospective students
prospective students should do a lot of research before choosing a college. if you count too much on advisers to make schedules you may waste a lot of time and money. do the work yourself and save a lot of grief later!
Academic Rigor
the classes are very comparable to university classes. students are not being cheated out of a good education because they're attending a community college.
Food and Dining
the cafeteria at kcc is a little expensive but has good food.
What to do for fun
there are a lot of student activities available for everyone.
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