Laguna College of Art and Design
Laguna Beach, CA, USA


Laguna College of Art and Design
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In three sentences
It's a great school for people who are interested in small classes with the focus on the students. The classes work you as hard as any other school and fun to take. The school is located near the beach, also allowing you to walk around the surrounding paths.
Tips for prospective students
Its not the school, but what you do with the education. Ultimately you decide your own success. The students are friendly and the staff is quite helpful and small, so be nice. Always network when you have the opportunity to.
Academic Rigor
The school offers a wide variety of majors. The school allows students to pursue their art-style of choice. The school has a fairly strong work load that will keep you busy.
Dorm Life
The dorm life is only meant for incoming freshmen. Campus owned dorms are not open to higher grades. Apartments must be rented and do not belong to the school.
Food and Dining
The school only offers a truck that comes by to the three campuses. The truck serves a variety of food but specializes in hispanic. The school is close to the beach so you can always go eat there.
What to do for fun
The school offers numerous scholarship opportunites from large companies. The school has events posted and emailed to students through the website. You can always go to the beach if you'd like, eat out and walk around.
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