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Lake Superior State University
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Jane from Grand Rapids, MI

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The professors at this university really take interest in who you are and in what you hope to accomplish at Lake State. It seems as though they acknowledge their role as a TEACHer and genuinely want to do their job.
Am enjoying being here
Sault Ste Marie is a lovely place to be. I love that when I am wearing Laker apparel throughout the city, random community members will stike up a conversation with you and you will end up talking for an hour. On campus, upperclassmen are extremely helpful and kind. Students in my class are equally kind and wonderful. People are really easy to get along with. From massive snowball fights on Brady lawn to a game of Apples to Apples in Osborn lobby to Laker hockey games in the arena, there is always something to do if you look hard enough.
Bang for the buck
There are a lot of fun and good things at Lake State. You learn a lot. My experience, knowledge, and time spent here has been priceless and memorable.
Tips for prospective students
Come on up for a visit. You'll love the UP! It is so beautiful. However, if you cannot handle the cold, maybe this school is not right for you.
Great for these types of students
Lake State is surrounded by wildreness. It is great or the outdoorsy type. If you are laid back and love being outside, you will fit in fine. There are several differnt types of people here, but you wouldn't be hard pressed to find a guy with a neon orange hat and a camo coat on.
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