Lanier Technical College
Gainesville, GA, USA


Lanier Technical College
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Kelli from Gainesville, GA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Wonderful! Close to home, easy to get started. Knowledgeable professors.
Tips for prospective students
Enroll early, so that you have time to learn the school and get everything started without rushing.
Academic Rigor
Teachers are ALWAYS ready if you need a little extra help. There are also tutors available for any subject you might be slipping in. The math tutors even helped ME
Dorm Life
There are no on campus dorms, but there is an apartment complex built on the backside of the school, and another (locally dubbed Campus Point) where students can rent a room and a bathroom for an extremely affordable rent.
Food and Dining
Again- no on campus dining, but plenty of restaraunts available in walking distance.
What to do for fun
I love running the trails that go behind the college. They are a perfect way to relax, and I listen to spanish audio tapes while I run to continue studying.
Bang for the buck
Readily accepted degrees for way less than big campus prices.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The girls in my class would have a picnic by the pond after every exam to unwind and hang out.
Great for these types of students
Single moms (me), financially struggling (me), cannot leave home due to outside reasons, adults continuing education
Clubs and Activities
I'm not very familiar with this aspect, but I know they exist!
Greek Life
Non existant. We are a small, community college.
Campus Safety
Sweetest security ever! Always available for when you lock your keys in the car, feel nervous about leaving class at night, or if you just drop everything in the parking lot.
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