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Fall Regular Decision August 7, 2021
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What Students Are Saying

2.59 Average Rating
1) Use to learn more about different teachers before registering for their classes. 2) Some teachers don't ever use the text book so you can save money by buying it on-line or from another student, sharing a text book with another student or checking one out from the library. All textbooks are on reference at the library but sometimes an older edition (which is often virtually the same) will be available for check out. 3) Also, if you're looking for a job, consider applying for a student staff position (they'll work around your class schedule and you'll get a reduced parking rate). 4) You can rent a calculator for free from the Women's Resource Center. 5) You should check out LCC's awesome theatre program if you enjoy acting or going to see shows. 6) There is a Wii in the library. 7) There is more to be discovered...
Emily from Mason, MI
If you like small classes , with minimum of 30 people you will love it , the teacher actually knows your name
Hauwa from East Lansing, MI
Ask questions because all knowledge assists.
Lily from Owosso, MI
My tips for prospective students would be to start with the right attitude of planning to give it your all, don't give up and don't be afraid to let the instructors know if you are not getting it.
Sandy from Lansing, MI
Before you register for classes online make a list of the classes and professors that you want. Write down the course numbers so you can put them in the into the computer system fast, that will give you a better chance at getting the class you want, because they fill up fast. Also, go to to see which professors recieved good reviews and bad reviews. This was very helpful for me. Trust me, you do not want a bad professor, they can mess up your G.P.A. big time! If you know anyone has has previously attended LCC ask them which classes and professors are good to take. This was very helpful for me, because I usually ended up with great professors because of advice.

You will be studying at least 2 hours a day. I didn't believe this statement when my high school teachers told me, but it's true! If you want that 4.0 grade your going better get used to tons and tons and tons of reading and note taking. You will get use to it after a while. I would suggest doing school work at LCC, because when I do it at home there are way to many distractions and I don't learn as much. When I do my homework at LCC I have no food to eat, no Facebook, and no T.V., so I am forced to do homework. If you take a writing class bug the heck out of your professor.

I probably had my professor look over my paper at least 5 times before I turned it in. They are there to help you take advantage of it, it will improve your grade so much, I ended up with the blue ribbon award because of it.

If you have a G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher join the Phi Theta Kappa Honors club. You get to do community service, meet a ton of new people, and it looks great on your resume'.

If you have class in the afternoon you are not going to find a close parking spot. I would suggest having class in the morning. You need to get to L.C.C. no later than 7:50 if you want to make an 8:10 class, because there is usually a long line to park. When you get your Star Card (Card you use to park with) make...
Robert from Westphalia, MI
You will not always like the class you sign up for but its always worth it in the long run
David from Williamston, MI
Register early for classes and don't be afraid to ask questions
Harley from Charlotte, MI
Always plan ahead of time the courses and schedule that works best. Never jump ahead and plan a semester alone, always go and seek help from an advisor! For future transfers, always speak to the college advisors that you are planning to transfer to. If your career is undecided, stick to the macro requirements until you decide; they transfer everywhere.
Kristen from Morrice, MI
Stick to one campus. That way you have all of your classes in one spot and don't have to drive back and forth between campuses.
Kourtney from Lansing, MI

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