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  • Coed

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Level of Institution
4 Year
Campus Setting
Small city
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Admissions Requirements

SAT Subject Tests
AP Course Credit
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Fall Priority Deadline
December 31, 2019
Test Optional
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Average ACT Composite: 26
Average SAT Composite: 1171
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3.50 - 3.74
3.25 - 3.49
3.00 - 3.24
2.50 - 2.99
2.00 - 2.49
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-543-5317
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

3.98 Average Rating
Don't let rules, regulations, and the Liberty Code daunt you. It is a wonderful school with so much to offer. Don't blow it off so easy.
Alicia from Camp Hill, PA
My advice for prospective students would be to come to the campus with an open heart and an open mind, ready to be molded. Don't let your past, your weaknesses, or anything limit you from the potential you have to change the world. Liberty is definitely a place that can give you a strong foundation to learn and develop if you're willing to let the Lord take hold of your talents and use them to change the world for his glory. Secondly, Liberty University follows a strong mission statement to the T and proudly holds the title of the largest Christian University in the country. With that title, they have very high standards and rules for every student to uphold on campus which includes dress codes, required attendances to Convocation (chapel), room checks every other day, curfew, no co-ed dorms etc. Some of these rules and requirements can, I'll admit, get a little tedious and irritating but it's something that can eventually be adapted to. Liberty is not the place to necessarily live the college life (i.e.. drinking, drugs, parties etc.), but it is a campus where fun is around every corner and can contribute to a positive educational, social and spiritual growth.
Melanie from Richmond Heights, OH
-Apply early. Liberty gives out scholarships based on how early you apply.
-Make sure you know the Liberty Way. If you don't think that you can deal with it, don't apply.
-For campus housing, there's several different types. If you like being around people, try to live in the Circle or the Hill. If you can't deal with being around people all the time, try to get on Campus East.
Brittany from Denver, PA
Do not take all of your lower level classes in your first two years. A common misconception is that you should ease into college by taking your easier classes upfront. I disagree unless you are undecided on your major. By delaying all of your upper level classes until your Junior and Senior year, you are killing yourself with a difficult course load in your later years. The best thing is to leave a few easy classes that you can do in your Junior and Senior years that will be a rest from your other major classes.
Scott from Phenix City, AL
I have a few things I would like to throw out there. Here at Liberty, you get what you pay for. So, rest assured, every penny of your tuition here is worth it. Secondly, Be sure to guard your mind, body, and spirit when on campus. This place is a safe one, and you have to understand that you can get comfortable with your spirituality and that could be a problem. The final thing, enjoy every minute here! God has blessed this campus and so you should enjoy those blessings!
Megan from Chardon, OH
-don't be afraid to ask questions! the students and faculty at liberty are very knowledgeable and are willing to answer your questions.
-don't be intimidated by the size of the campus... it will shrink day by day.
-make sure you balance your studying and playing time well. if you study more than you play, things will get very stressful. it can go the opposite way as well, playing more than you work will be stressful because you will get behind in your work. the phrase all work and no play makes jack a dull boy was quoted to me a number of times when i got too focused on my studying.
-make sure you keep in touch with your friends and family back home because when you need a moment of freedom from stress, they are only a phone call away.
Kendra from Arlington, WA
Liberty offers so many activities for students to get involved in, be careful to not get drawn away from you studies. Utilize the extremely large Lahaye Student Center, complete with 5 full court basketball courts, fully loaded weight room, cardio room, and aerobic area. Come ready to fall in love with this school!
Lee from Chesapeake, VA
The classes seem really easy but really put in the effort to study and you're gpa will be great. Realize that your roommates won't be your best friends from the start. It may take some time to get to know one another. I live in an apartment style dorm with 7 girls and 4 of us got along great from the start and it took awhile for the other 3 to get along but now everyone is good with each other.
Jessica from Smithfield, VA
Time management is key. Do not procrastinate because you will not be able to get all your work done in the given time period if you do. There is a lot more work given at once than in high school so manage your time in order to get your work done on time. Also another important key would be to create good study habbits because in order to do well, you need to study.
Shawn from Apalachin, NY

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