Los Angeles ORT College-Los Angeles Campus
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Los Angeles ORT College-Los Angeles Campus
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Veronica from Los Angeles, CA

a past student here
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I never thought I could get a degree after my high school diploma, it's so much money and out of my reach with my job paying little. I felt stuck doing boring work and feeling I couldn't do much with my life. Then I found ORT. I got my degree so fast-- in a year! And for way less money than big universities. Now I am happy in my new job with better pay as a medical assistant!
Academic Rigor
I learned so much!
Bang for the buck
Great value for your money.
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a current student here
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This school provides education in Basic Computer skills, the purpose of this is to help with administrative work the teacher is superb. The Medical Office Management teacher is superb as well she will have you ready for a field in medicine. The financial aid advisors are very helpful and welcoming and do their best to help you receive financial services.
Tips for prospective students
Be ready to work and come to school on time.
What to do for fun
There are plenty of restaurants and banks around the school and public transportation.
Bang for the buck
Everyone in the classroom is a family, not a day goes by and you can't get help from your peers. Everyone is there to help you achieve your goals and be successful in your career. The advisor will help you and make sure your at school on time each and every day they really care about your success at this school.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
The school is very divorced and provides ESL programs for International students.
Great for these types of students
Students who are dedicated to going to school every day and have the mental capacity to retain the course work.
Greek Life
There is no Greek life
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