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Decorah, IA, USA


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4 Year
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Average ACT Composite: 26
Average SAT Composite: 1236
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What Students Are Saying

4.11 Average Rating
Walk softly but carry a big stick -Roosevelt
Keep in mind that any college you choose is a business at some level. You need to think of yourself as a consumer of education. This means knowing what you need to do to get the absolute most of your experience. Do not allow the administration to intimidate you into accepting less than you pay for. This does not mean you need to start riots, just understand what is required of you and be firm but reasonable when organizing your time.
We can never step twice in the same river- Heraclitus
Your college experience will be what you make of it. There is truly no limitation to what you can accomplish within the borders of college and Luther does a fantastic job of providing you with more than enough avenues to accommodate your personal expansion.
Man is the measure of all things- Protagoras
Do not forget that you are your own person. You may have learned in high school that it can be easy to get sucked into the herd mentality. This may be worse at Luther than other schools because of its small enclosed community. That said, it is not impossible to triumph over the group-think if you consciously hold on to what is personally important. You may find as I did that the individual emerging from the other side is stronger and clearer than you could have guessed.
matt from Rochester, MN
1) Get to know your professors. Go in during their office hours and just chat with them. They will be more than willing to talk to you, and try to make life here easier.

2) Get to know your RA's (Resident Assistants). They are upperclassmen who have been through what you going through. They remember how difficult it was during their first year, and they will be able to help you get through it.

3) Get to know the people down in the Student Academic Support Center(SASC) and Student Support Services(SSS). They are located on the ground floor of the library. They will help you with whatever you need. They will help with academic help, and provide you with tutors. They can give advice for financial support and they are great people to talk to when you are having problems and you have no idea who to turn to.
Nathan from Decorah, IA
I recommend first of all, getting some reading done the summer before starting school here because of the fact that this college has a required course for first years that involves reading, writing, and discussing over books. Also, get active and involved with anything you can to keep you from getting bored. There are daily chapel services, concerts, recitals, games/meets, restaurant performances, dorm activities, etc. Overall, take advantage of what is being offered to you!
Martin from Decorah, IA
Try a little bit of everything; get involved with local student political groups, play intramural sports, and anything else that might interest you.
Douglas from Humboldt, IA
Study hard and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can! There are so many things offered here and it's easy to get involved!
Emily from River Falls, WI
If you have the opportunity, stay overnight on campus to get a feel for everyday college life to see if it is the right choice for you. Getting a feel for everything on campus, such as the food, sporting events, and dorm life will help make your choice for where you want to go a lot easier!
Alexandra from Cedar Falls, IA
Visit while school is in session! You will get a feel of what the school is like. Also, if you can, do an overnight! Join an organization because it will help you adjust to college life. Know what your limit is in terms of how many credits you want to take per semester. Take classes that interest you. Try to stay on top of events that are going on during weekends or at night so that you meet as many people as possible. Never be afraid to ask for help on an assignment from your professors because they will help you with whatever you need.
Jennifer from Saint Paul, MN
Definitely come check out the campus, or even stay over night with a current student. Actually coming to visit the campus is what convinced me to apply to Luther and is what made me fall in love with the school. If possible, schedule a tour where you can meet a faculty member in your prospective area of study, a music professor in a band or choir, or a coach in an athletic field that interests you.
Jessica from Prior Lake, MN

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