Luzerne County Community College
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Luzerne County Community College
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Allison from Mountaintop, PA

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
The course curriculum is mildly challenging. Expect to work for the grades you get. Several hours of study are required for each course. The tests are not easy and not all teachers give extra credit. Even though I found some courses easy, I still had to work hard on homework and papers assigned. Completing this work teaches you a lot and certainly supplements what you learn in class. The assignments are given for a reason and are intended to teach you something about the subject. If the professor assigns something, do it. Trust me, it will help you in the long run.
Did enjoy being here
The college does not have much of a community feel. Since it is a community college all students commute. Because everyone commutes most students come to campus, finish their classes and work, and then leave. Not many people stay on campus to hang out. This makes it difficult to make friends.
There are not too many clubs to join. Extra curricular activities typically enhance a students experience in college. Since there are few clubs you are not provided with many diverse activities associated with the college.
Sadly, the college does not host too many fun events. There are typically free events held around the holidays that the clubs hold. However that is only a handful of times each semester.
The student center is nice. There are plenty of places to hang out and even sleep between classes. There is an art exhibit that changes every couple of months. There is an arcade with a few games. The food in the cafeteria was pretty good but it closes around 2 each afternoon.
Most of the college employees and professors are nice and easy to get along with. They treat you as an equal and are quite willing to help.
The campus is not particularly pretty, but there is an attempt to plant flowers during the spring and fall semester.
I just feel at LCCC you don’t get much of the college experience you expect and hear about. There is very minimal effort to unite the students and promote a community. I also feel that there was not much of an attempt to encourage students to engage in the extracurricular activities that typically help define the college experience.
Bang for the buck
Credits at LCCC are quite cheap. No four-year college or university offers credits for such a low price. You certainly get a lot out of your time here considering the price.
LCCC credits transfer quite easily to most other colleges and universities. Since it is so inexpensive it is a great way to save money by getting some credits here before going to a four-year college or university.
LCCC has a program with Misericordia University that allows for students of Misericordia to receive inexpensive credits at LCCC before, or during your education at Misericordia. These credits are guaranteed to transfer.
Also, the quality of education you get is pretty good. The classes were relatively challenging and prepare you well for the more major specific courses that the four-year colleges and universities offer. The material taught here is nearly as good, if not just as good as the material at other colleges and universities. The tuition at LCCC is really a great deal!
Tips for prospective students
Register for classes as early as possible. Many of the common classes like Biology, College Algebra, or Western Civilization fill up quickly. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to get into the classes you want.
If you plan to transfer to another college or university after attending LCCC, speak with the other college’s representative to see what courses they require. This will help you decide which courses to take and may keep you from future frustration and delay.
The parking lots fill up quickly in the morning. Come early if you want a good parking space.
Great for these types of students
I recommend LCCC for students that do not have the funds to accommodate expensive four-year colleges and universities. You can get your associates degree in 2 years for about $10,000 at LCCC whereas it is easy to spend $10,000 or more at other colleges for one semester. After your associates degree is complete, transfer to another university to obtain your bachelors. You really will save a large sum of money this way.
I also recommend LCCC for students that are not sure if college is for them. If you are unsure whether you want to go to college, this is an inexpensive way to explore the possibility.
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