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A career in anesthesiology is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Students who major in anesthesiology are involved in a patient's treatment before, during, and after their surgeries or procedures. An anesthesiologist who administers appropriate anesthesia, and monitors patients' reactions and complications can play a huge role in making a patient feel comfortable and effectively managing his or her pain.

The anesthesiology residency program essentially prepares students in the application of anesthesia for specialized and general surgery and obstetric procedures, critical patient care, and pain management.

When studying anesthesiology, a student must take courses in surgical procedures, pain management, monitoring procedures, fluid therapy, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Being an anesthesiologist requires you to meet patients before the procedure, review their medical history, and evaluate their condition so that you can administer the right doses of anesthesia. Like all careers in the medical profession, the job requires compassion and patience. During the procedure, you will also be involved in carefully monitoring patient's vital signs to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and can manage pain effectively.

0 Schools with Anesthesiology Residency Program Major

0 Schools with Anesthesiology Residency Program Major

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