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Three to five million students fall are considered gifted and talented, according to the National Association for Gifted Children. These children need teachers who understand how they learn and will take the steps necessary to ensure these kids are challenged academically.

Individuals who major in education/teaching of the gifted and talented, you'll learn much of the same information as general education majors, but you'll apply this to your classroom in much different ways. Classes will include instruction on identifying gifted students, developing individual education plans, and teaching methods for talented pupils. This coursework typically takes place in a college classroom, but most students are required to complete a student teaching practicum in a local school as well, which will give you experience working with gifted and talented students in a hands-on setting.

Most people who major in education/teaching of the gifted and talented work as teachers, but others return to school to further their education. With additional degrees, these students can become principals or district administrators.


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