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About the Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies Major

With the increasing rate of obesity in the United States, it is becoming more and more important to learn about nutrition and wellness. Understanding what's in our food, how food affects our bodies, and how to live a healthy lifestyle are just a few of the topics nutrition and wellness majors explore. Students in this major take courses in physiology, chemistry, and biology to gain further knowledge about the human body. To improve understanding and gain professional work experience, students are encouraged to volunteer or intern at hospitals, schools, clinics, or a similar location.

Graduates can find work with school health centers, hospitals, health clinics, and public health departments. Careers in the nutrition and wellness field involve discussing nutrition and health issues with patients, assessing patients' health and dietary needs, developing meal plans, evaluating patient progress, presenting to groups about nutrition and wellness, discussing ways to prevent specific diseases and illnesses, and keeping up with the latest research.

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