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About the Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration Major

John C. Maxwell once said, "Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them." The success of an organization is determined by its team. It is the human resources management professional whose key job is people, to ensure that the best choices are not only made for the organization, but for management and employees as well. 

As a human resources management professional, you will be part of an administrative team that helps a business function. Depending on your specialty, you could recruit personnel, mediate disputes, serve as the organization's benefits coordinator, and/or supervise payroll duties. Some human resources management professionals become teachers or consultants. Students who graduate with a human resources management degree hold job titles such as labor and relations manager, payroll manager, compensation and benefits manager, human resources specialist, training and development manager, and recruiting manager.

High school students who are interested in the human resources management major should take courses in pre-calculus, psychology, public speaking, computer science, and business. Participation in a business club or organization is also encouraged. Human resources management majors take courses in subjects that include personnel and organizational policy, labor relations employment law, compensation systems, and recruitment and selection.

Some human resources management majors have the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of human resources, such as organizational development, labor relations, or industrial relations. Most schools offer capstones or internships, which allow students to get real-world experience in the industry prior to graduation.

Most human resources professionals work in the management of corporations and enterprises, manufacturing, government, health care, social assistance, and professional/scientific/technical services. Most human resources management careers require a bachelor's or master's degree; however, an associate's degree in human resources management can still be a stepping stone into the professional world. Many associate's degree holders begin as assistants. Whatever your level of education, as a human resources management professional, you will be required to stay up-to-date on current trends in the human resources industry via workshops or classes and maintain your certification.

370 Schools with Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General Major

370 Schools with Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General Major

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