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Those with an interest in helping others and a love of children may consider a pediatrics residency program. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in working with children and are responsible for their physical, mental, and emotional development and care.

Before embarking on a pediatrics residency program, students need to have completed an undergraduate degree and medical degree. Once they start their residency program, they'll get to put their knowledge into practice, helping young patients and working with more experienced physicians.  

After completing a residency program, you'll have the option to complete a fellowship for several more years. This is a requirement for those who wish to practice a very specialized field of medicine, like pediatric cardiology or pediatric oncology. If you don't wish to specialize further, you can obtain your license to practice medicine and work for an established health care provider or open your own practice.


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0 Schools with Pediatrics Residency Program Major

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