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About the Undecided Major

Don't know exactly which academic or career path you want to take? It's perfectly okay! Contrary to what you may think, not every incoming college freshman has settled on a major. Instead, many college students use their first few semesters to explore various disciplines before declaring a major. Being undecided allows you to discover your interests and strengths, research different majors and minors, and develop your career objectives. Many students end up switching their majors two or three times throughout their college careers, so don't feel discouraged about not yet knowing the what, where, and when of your future career. 

Keep an open mind. Take classes in subjects you are curious about and talk to students, faculty, and your academic advisor. Also be aware that you do not have to limit yourself to one area of study -- you can always explore your other interests with a minor, double-major, or electives. 

Some colleges even offer introductory academic programs specifically tailored to undecided students. These programs usually involve starting off with a diverse selection of classes, which help students discover what interests them most and decide which direction to go. In any case, check with your prospective school to see what resources they might have to offer undecided students.

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